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So that cancer patients can focus on their treatment and recovery, the Bob Perks Cancer Assistance Fund (BPF) helps pay some basic expenses for those who cannot, due to a loss in income or an increase in expenses related to their cancer diagnosis. Typically, these expenses include, rent, utilities, home heating, auto expenses and gas and grocery gift cards. We serve patients residing in Blair, Centre, Clearfield, Huntingdon, Juniata & Mifflin Counties. Every dollar distributed by BPF to pay cancer patient expenses is a donated dollar. Our ability to pay for eligible expenses in any given year is dependent upon successful BPF fundraising.

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We assist cancer patients through an application process facilitated by healthcare professionals and referral sources who serve as members of the applicant’s treatment team. Applicants and referral sources work together to complete our application, which is forwarded to our Program Manager and then to our 10-member Allocations Committee, composed of Bob Perks Fund volunteers. While eligibility is not income-based, the Committee works quickly to review the applicant’s circumstances and make an informed decision regarding assistance. Once approved, creditors are paid directly by BPF; grocery and gas cards are distributed directly to the applicant.

BPF could not help patients without our partnerships with many outstanding referral sources and dedicated volunteers. Over the years we have worked with many local hospitals and medical facilities. Currently our main referral sources are UPMC Altoona, Mount Nittany Health, Geisinger and Penn Highlands Healthcare, as well as other small facilities.

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If you are a cancer patient who needs financial assistance for basic necessities, please click Get Help button below.

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