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“When I tell my patients about the Bob Perks Fund, its humble beginnings, and how they assist cancer patients with non-medical expenses, they are just overwhelmed that someone out there cares so much. The Bob Perks Fund offers hope, support, and relieves the financial burden to many who desperately need a gas card, groceries or help with overdue rent or utility bills. This in turn helps the patient focus on what is most important; their health and fighting their cancer. Their organization is truly the bright spot in the lives of many cancer patients.” - Cheryl Litzinger, RN, BSN, OCN, Oncology Patient Navigator, UPMC Altoona

“I would like to express my gratitude to the Bob Perks Fund for their financial help. Just one treatment and I found myself owing more than a quarter of my annual salary. I deeply appreciate all the dedicated individuals, community organizations and generous donors who work to make the Bob Perks Fund available to help people in situations like mine. Thank you all.”  – Bob Perks Fund Recipient – Clearfield County

Starting treatment can be intimidating and life changing for some of our patients. Not only are they experiencing physical challenges but changes in the ability to work can impact them financially. Being able to offer tangible help from Bob Perks Fund has made an impact in the lives of our patients. The patient’s stress level goes down and they are able to concentrate on treatment. Patients are so grateful for the unexpected financial help they receive from generous donors. We are so thankful for the ability to offer our patients tangible help and to work with a generous and responsive organization.


  -Amy Grubb Oncology Social Worker, Geisinger Lewistown/State College

I cannot say enough about the BPF and what they do for our patients.  Cancer affects so much more than a patient’s health.  So many of our patients struggle with financial toxicity caused by their cancer diagnosis.  Many times, patients are uninsured, or no longer able to work due to their cancer diagnosis leaving them with little to no resources.  BPF has been a true blessing to those very patients, helping with utilities, rent, groceries, and gas.  Many patients struggle with simply being able to afford the gas to make it to their cancer treatment. BPF makes it possible for those patients to have peace of mind that they no longer need to worry about how they will afford gas to get to their treatment.  Helping take the financial burden off of patients allows them to focus more on their treatment and wellbeing.  BPF helps make this possible!!! Thank you BPF for your assistance in making our patient’s cancer journey just a little bit easier with your support!

 ~Shannon Flanders Financial Navigator Penn Highlands Healthcare Oncology Wellspan - Chambersburg, PA

You Can Make A Difference

“It is with sincere appreciation that I write to you to express my thanks for the Bob Perks Fund. It has been great relief to know that there is help from people who understand this difficult time. Your application process, responsiveness and options are amazing.  Thank you so much for carrying on this program.” Bob Perks Fund Recipient – Centre County

UPMC Altoona and the UPMC Altoona Foundation are proud of our Strategic Partnership with the Bob Perks Fund. The Bob Perks Fund is an efficient manager of charitable resources, with a very low overhead structure. The vast majority of funds raised are allocated for the direct benefit of patients dealing with a cancer diagnosis. Front line staff from the Hillman Cancer Center at UPMC Altoona and the Magee Women’s Specialty Center in Altoona navigate patients in need of assistance to the Bob Perks Fund. This is done without means testing or laborious application process. Given the high impact of the Bob Perks Fund on cancer patients and their good stewardship of donated dollars, the UPMC Altoona Foundation has for several years been a philanthropic supporter of the Bob Perks Fund. I know the UPMC Altoona Trustees feel a charitable investment in the Bob Perks Fund is one of the best ways to help cancer patients in Blair County. - Tim Balconi, President, UPMC Altoona Foundation

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