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How We Help

So that cancer patients can focus on their treatment and recovery, the Bob Perks Cancer Assistance Fund (BPF) helps pay some basic living expenses for those who cannot, due to a loss in income or an increase in expenses related to their cancer diagnosis. We serve patients residing in Blair, Centre, Clearfield, Huntingdon, Juniata & Mifflin Counties. 

We assist cancer patients through an application process facilitated by healthcare professionals and referral sources who serve as members of the applicant’s treatment team. Applicants and referral sources work together to complete our application, which is forwarded to our Allocations Coordinator and then to our 10-member Allocations Committee, composed of Bob Perks Fund volunteers. While eligibility is not income-based, the Committee works quickly to review the applicant’s circumstances and make an informed decision regarding assistance. Once approved, creditors are paid directly by BPF; grocery and gas cards are distributed directly to the applicant.

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In which Pennsylvania Counties do you provide assistance?

Applicants residing in the following counties are eligible for financial assistance: Blair, Centre, Clearfield, Huntingdon, Juniata & Mifflin (regardless of where they receive treatment).

Is eligibility based on a certain level of income? No.

Applicants must attest to a member of their cancer treatment team and on their application that they have experienced either a decrease in income or an increase in expenses related to their cancer diagnosis.

Financial Assistance

What types of expenses are eligible for payment?

Eligible expenses include basic necessities such as rent, auto expenses, utilities, and groceries.

What expenses are NOT eligible for payment?

Mortgages, property taxes, credit card bills, hospital and doctor bills, and business expenses.

Can financial assistance be provided directly to the applicant?

No, all expense payments are made directly to the creditor or vendor providing the qualified services. Grocery and gas cards are distributed directly to the applicant.


What is the maximum amount of financial assistance available to an applicant?

Applicants can request up to $750 in assistance in a three-month period. There is a lifetime maximum.

How To Apply

Can a cancer patient apply directly to the Bob Perks Fund?

No, all applications must be completed and submitted through a “referral” who must be a member of the applicant’s cancer treatment team, i.e. patient navigator, social worker, nurse or physician.

Do copies of bills need to be included with the application?

Yes, since all payments are made directly to the creditor or vendor, copies of bills that are currently due must be submitted with the application.

How does a person making a referral request an application?

By email at: or phone at: 814-231-2692.


How does a referral source submit an application?

Applications with copies of bills can be faxed to: 814-273-8242 or emailed to

How does a cancer patient obtain a “referral?”

If you are being treated at:


  • Mount Nittany Health, call the Patient Navigation Department 814-234-6175.


  • Geisinger Scenery Park, call 814-231-4560


  • Geisinger Lewistown, call  717-363-9071 (option 2, then option 3)

  • Geisinger Danville, call 570-271-6263 (option 8, ask for Katie)


  • UPMC Hillman Altoona, call 814-889-6031 or 814-889-4931


  • Penn Highlands/Hahne Cancer Center Clearfield call 814-768-2132

  • Penn Highlands/Hahne Cancer Center DuBois, call 814-375-3536

  • Penn Highlands Huntingdon, call 814-643-8106

  • Penn Highlands Tyrone, call 814-683-1255 Ext. 2480

  • Hershey Cancer Institute call 888-531-6585 (option 4)

  • UPMC Hillman Pittsburgh (Shadyside) call 412-623-2937

  • UPMC Hillman Pittsburg (downtown) call 412-864-6659

  • UPMC Magee Pittsburg call 412-641-1926

  • UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh 412-692-5339

Or you may call the Bob Perks Fund at 814-231-2692 and we will connect you with a referral source at your treatment center.

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