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Kish Bank’s Kish for the Cure Campaign Raises $39,228.22 for Bob Perks Cancer Assistance Fund

Bob Perks Cancer Assistance Fund is overwhelmed by the generosity of the entire Kish Bank Family. We were honored to receive a check for $39,228.22, to assist area cancer patients, so they can focus on treatment and recovery. This generous donation will enable Bob Perks Fund to help many cancer patients, and their families, with daily living expenses such as rent, utilities, groceries, and gasoline to get to their treatments.

We would like to thank the Kish Bank Family for their support through their fundraising efforts with Kish for the Cure Campaign. They are a true blessing to BPF and cancer patients throughout the six counties we serve in central PA.

Kish Bank’s Kish for the Cure campaign, an annual employee-led fundraising effort supporting local cancer-fighting nonprofits, has raised more than $380,000 in total since its beginning, and it continues to grow in scope each year. In 2022 the employees raised over $74,000 which was distributed to Bob Perks Cancer Assistance Fund, Pennsylvania Pink Zone, and Relay For Life of Mifflin/Juniata counties.

Cancer can impact the individual patient and their entire family unexpectantly. It can often leave the patient too weak or ill to work during treatment, or the patient may have to reduce work hours for cancer-related appointments. They may also have the added expense of traveling hundreds of miles to seek medical treatment, which creates a great financial burden for many. Bob Perks Fund is here to help with funds to financially support the cancer patient to help them get through a very difficult time.

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