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Generous Donation from Penn State Coaches vs Cancer

Thanks to the extraordinary efforts of Coaches vs Cancer, Penn State, the Bob Perks Cancer Assistance Fund recently received a very generous grant of $50,275 from the American Cancer Society. Since 2006, this partnership has raised over $600,000 to benefit the Bob Perks Fund’s mission. These funds go directly to supporting our local friends and neighbors, who are battling cancer.

While the emotional and physical strain of having cancer is enormously stressful, often a patient’s financial worries force them to decide between buying food for the family or heating the home, paying the rent, or putting gas in the car to get to their treatments. This is where the Bob Perks Fund steps in, providing short-term financial assistance to cancer patients who are unable to pay for basic necessities such as rent, utilities, gas, and food, while they are undergoing cancer treatments. This assistance would not be possible without generous leaders in our community like American Cancer Society and Coaches vs Cancer Penn State.

We sincerely thank the American Cancer Society and Coaches vs Cancer’s devoted staff, and volunteer committee members, for the great impact they have made in the lives of local cancer patients.

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