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Clearfield County Charitable Foundation and Bob Perks Fund Partner To Aid Local Cancer Patient

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CLEARFIELD COUNTY –-For several years, the Clearfield County Charitable Foundation has partnered with the Bob Perks Fund by awarding CCCF Grant Program funding so the Bob Perks Fund can provide financial assistance through gift cards to Clearfield County residents undergoing cancer treatment. Recently Marjann Young, Bob Perks Fund Development Coordinator and Mark McCracken, Executive Director of the Charitable Foundation met with Bob Berg who is a recent recipient of assistance from the Bob Perks Fund.

Mr. Berg recently lost his flooring business due to the economic downturn brought on by the COVID pandemic. While he was struggling to deal with the financial hardship, he was diagnosed with lung cancer. Mr. Berg has been a person who always donated numerous hours to raise funds for local charities and but now he was the person who needed help. Ms. Young learned about Mr. Berg’s situation and met with him to explain the mission of the Bob Perks Fund the assistance they could provide for him while he is undergoing cancer treatments. As part of their assistance to Mr. Berg, the Bob Perks Fund has provided him with a gift card purchased using grant funding from the Clearfield County Charitable Foundation. With the assistance provided by the Bob Perks Fund and the support of his family and friends, Mr. Berg is able to fight his battle with cancer and concentrate on his recovery.

Ms. Young said, “the Bob Perks Fund is appreciative of the support from the Clearfield County Charitable Foundation and thanks everyone involved that provides funding for the grant program”. Mr. McCracken stated “we are pleased to work in partnership with the Bob Perks Fund so they can assist people like Mr. Berg. We also wish Mr. Berg good luck and a speedy recovery”. Pictured: Marjann Young, BPF Development Coordinator, Bob Berg recipient of Bob Perks Fund and Mark B. McCracken, CCCF Executive Director

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